Individual Papers (for twenty-minute presentations and ten-minute open forum) and Posters (individual or group) should focus on any specific topic under one these four thematic strands:

  1. Re-engineering Research (in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Governance and Education) Towards Inclusive Growth
    1. Various cultures, various idioms/metaphors
    2. Crossing cultural borders
    3. Various indigenous life ways, traditions, arts, and cultures
    4. Concrete and positive action towards our unity as a people, as a nation, as a region
    5. The cultural integrity and the rights of cultural minorities
    6. An inclusive national/ regional development paradigm
    7. The creation of national/regional innovation agency
  2. Eco-environmental studies and Ecological Engineering
    1. Environmental restoration (solid and liquid waste treatment innovations, bioremediation, innovations in pollution monitoring and control, etc.)
    2. Renewable energy researches
    3. Resource management (rainwater harvesting, waste water treatment, soil conservation, etc.)
    4. Climate change impacts and adaptation, and ecoenvironmental engineering for disaster resilience
    5. General topics on ecology and the environment
    6. Intelligent Systems for the environment and ecology
  3. Human Health and Biotechnology
    1. Community Based telemedicine programs: current innovations and future direction
    2. Diagnostics and therapeutics innovations
    3. Infectious disease outbreak prediction models
    4. Universal healthcare and healthcare engineering
    5. Emerging antimicrobial resistance and the pace of antimicrobial research
  4. One Health: Connecting Human, Animal, and Ecosystems Health
    1. Food, animals and antimicrobials and their impacts on human health and the environment
    2. Food and animal bio-safety standards and bio-security measures
    3. Human and livestock-derived microbes as threats to endangered species
    4. Animals as sentinels for emerging infectious diseases
    5. Disease risks for humans, crops, and animals amidst climate change
    6. Sustaining ecological landscapes and agricultural production systems for human and animal health
    7. Zoonoses and food safety
  5. Gender Integration and Mainstreaming in S&T Innovations
    1. Gender-responsive technologies and innovations for inclusive development
    2. Gender differentials and gender issues is STEM disciplines
    3. Gender-based science research in climate change and environment, energy, biodiversity, agriculture and fisheries
    4. Women shaping the science agenda and policies for gender equity and empowerment
  6. Disaster Risk Reduction of Natural Disasters caused by Climate Change, Earthquake, and Tsunami
    1. Global Warming Effects on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
    2. Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction
    3. Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction
    4. Typhoon Disaster Risk Reduction
    5. Prevention of Heat Strokes